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Lexus LFA Supercar

The heart in my throat, butterflies in the stomach, legs soft. Unmistakable symptoms of lightning. The Lexus LFA is a blow of emotions that overwhelm you as very, very few other supercars can do today. The Japanese-built cars of the mark, we had the real privilege to try on the road, it takes just to let the stone, but a lot to come out of your memories.

Indelible as the most powerful experiences, the Lexus LFA is betting everything on the emotional factor and its exclusivity. Only 500 (all already sold) will be produced. And only three examples of pre-production around the world are used for test printing. The car that we had to hand in these days in the setting of Forte dei Marmi, is the only available for European journalists. Never before has a LFA had arrived in Italy.


The mark Lexus of course not be summed up in the capital while Lexus LFA. Its values ​​are many and are expressed in the various products that make up the 2011 range, all present at our meeting with the house in Tuscany. We have tried it two in addition to the supercar: the IS-F and IS 250C.