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Ferrari SuperAmerica 45


Ferrari created the SuperAmerica 45, Which debuted officially at the Concours d'Elegance Villa D'Este. The name of the car, derived from Ferrari 599 GTB FioranoAllows us to quickly grasp the main points: This one-off it offers the same system of rotating opening of the roof of the former SuperAmerica (On a Ferrari 575M) and simultaneously celebrates 45 years as a customer of American collector Peter Kalikow Ferrari. Entirely new form of the rear area where the roof is made of carbon fiber in position when opened, as well as unusual is the color blue Caribbean, which follows that of the 400 SuperAmerica, 1961, owned by the Kalikow. The American collector is not new to this type of initiative: Villa d'Este in 2006 had in fact led the Kalikow Scaglietti, The only one customized to your tastes from the home of horse.